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Whether you or a loved one is charged with a crime in New York State, there is no such thing as a minor offense; you need a smart, tenacious criminal defense attorney by your side. Make James Hopkins Law Firm your choice to navigate your criminal defense in Syracuse, New York.

James Hopkins has over 30 years of legal experience, tried hundreds of cases, and has obtained outstanding results throughout his career. Though past successes are not predictive of a favorable outcome in your case, Mr. Hopkins will employ all his knowledge and experience to protect you. He is a skilled negotiator, artful in motion practice, and his trial advocacy has been recognized nationally. Working with clients from all backgrounds, who face all types of criminal charges, Mr. Hopkins develops effective, individualized defense strategies to protect his clients' interests. His experience, skill and dedication is crucial to obtaining the best possible outcome in your criminal case. Schedule your free initial consultation with James Hopkins Law Firm in Syracuse, N.Y. today.

Mr. Hopkins represents clients throughout New York State and in federal court. He handles serious cases like homicides, drug offenses, and embezzlement, and less newsworthy cases like DWI and shoplifting. He is adept at defending cases when the prosecution employs sophisticated technologies like DNA profiling or electronic wiretapping, and he has passed the same breath test operator program as the police officers who testify in DWI cases. Since obtaining his law degree from Syracuse University, Mr. Hopkins has always been innovative and effective in representing his clients. Mr. Hopkins was one of the very first attorneys to understand and effectively blunt prosecutions built on forensic DNA evidence at trial, and is believed to be the very first attorney in the nation who obtained an acquittal after a trial in which FBI experts claimed a DNA match.

You deserve quality representation in your criminal case; call today to learn how you can obtain it.