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Larceny Attorney in Syracuse, New York

Larceny is the term used to describe all theft in New York state penal code. It is defined as wrongfully taking, obtaining, or withholding another person’s property. From petty theft to massive white-collar embezzlement cases, many crimes can fall under the hood of larceny. These are just a few examples of the means by which the New York penal code states a person can commit larceny:

  • Keeping someone’s lost property

  • Writing a bad check

  • Taking property by means of extortion

Larceny is typically classified based on the value of the property that was stolen. “Petit Larceny” is used to describe the lowest offense, for theft of property valued under $1,000. It is a Class A misdemeanor. “Grand Larceny” is used to describe any theft involving property above $1,000 in value. However, Grand Larceny is also divided into four degrees of severity based on the property value. In some cases, the type of property stolen can impact the classification. For example, the theft of a firearm or debit/credit card will be classified as Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, even if the item was worth less than $1,000.

Fourth Degree

  • Classification: class E felony

  • Property Value: Greater than $1,000 or if the property is a motor vehicle, credit or debit card, or firearm

  • Max Prison Sentence: 4 years

  • Max Fine: $5,000

Third Degree

  • Classification: Class D felony

  • Property Value: Greater than $3,000 or if money was stolen from an ATM

  • Max Prison Sentence: 7 years

  • Max Fine: $5,000

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Second Degree

  • Classification: Class C felony

  • Property Value: Greater than $50,000 or if the stolen property was obtained through particular means of extortion

  • Max Prison Sentence: 15 years

  • Max Fine: $15,000

First Degree

  • Classification: Class B felony

  • Property Value: Greater than $1,000,000

  • Max Prison Sentence: 25 years

  • Max Fine: $30,000

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