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Homicide Attorney in Syracuse, New York

Powerful Defense Against Homicide Charges

It's never easy to come out unscathed when you are charged with a serious crime. Criminal charges can ruin your reputation in society even if you are not found guilty. If you are charged with any crime that you haven't committed, you should see an expert criminal defense attorney.

Our homicide defense lawyer has thorough knowledge about the intricacies related to the crime and can guide you through the entire process effectively. If you're facing charges for homicide in Syracuse, NY, or any of the following regions, contact James Hopkins Law Firm.

  • Syracuse, NY

  • Hamilton, NY

  • Cortland, NY

  • Pulaski, NY

  • Oswego, NY

  • Rome, NY

  • Oneida, NY

  • Utica, NY

  • Parish, NY

  • Fulton, NY

James Hopkins is a skilled homicide defense attorney who works tirelessly to protect you against unfair charges. With over 30 years of experience, James Hopkins has an impeccable service record as a trial lawyer. He explains the details of the case completely and offers you the best course of action to prove your innocence.

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The details and complexities concerning criminal charges can be overwhelming. With James Hopkins Law Firm on your side, you never have to deal with your homicide charges alone. Our attorney has the skill and expertise to fight for those who face charges for a crime they haven't committed. He will work closely with you and provide a solution that's best for your situation.

Reliable Homicide Defense Lawyer

Choosing a skilled and experienced homicide attorney to defend you is extremely important. James Hopkins Law Firm is vastly experienced and can efficiently handle your case from start to finish. To discuss your case details, give James Hopkins a call today.